Election Information

2019 Election Information

Primary Election Official Canvassed Results

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Below is the list of candidates as they will appear on the November ballot. 

 Name  Office  Phone  email  website
Sallee Orr City Council 801-479-7558 salleeorr4southogden@gmail.com so4so.blogspot.com
Jorge Barragan City Council 801-814-8906 jorgebarragan23@gmail.com none
Jeanette C. Smyth City Council 801-479-5763 j.m.smyth@comcast.net none
Brent J. Strate City Council 801-660-9432 bmstrate@q.com none
 Jeremy D. Howe  City Council 385-800-1726  jeremy.howe@me.com  https://www.facebook.com/jeremyhowe4citycouncil/
Adam S. Hensley City Council 801-710-2273 ahensley01@gmail.com none

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