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Thank you for choosing South Ogden City as a place to locate your business. South Ogden is a great place to start and operate a business and we wish you well as you pursue your desires toward a successful and prosperous endeavor. The Business License Department will assist you with the business license application process and has designed this set of guidelines to help you understand some of the requirements for acquiring and maintaining a business license in South Ogden City. Our office hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday – except on legal holidays.

South Ogden City requires licensing of all businesses which engage in any activity carried on for the purpose or gain of economic profit. Engaging in business includes, but is not limited to, the sale of tangible personal property at retail or wholesale, the manufacturing of goods or property and the rendering of personal services for others for a consideration by persons engaged in any profession, trade, craft, business, occupation or other calling, except the rendering of personal services by an employee to his employer under any contract of personal employment. Licenses are required of all occupations based from locations within South Ogden City limits or which carry on business in our city.

In order to facilitate the opening of your business, South Ogden City offers the following information to assist you. These are the steps to follow in order to obtain a business license:

  1. Register the name of your business with the State of Utah – Department of Commerce. You can register on-line at You can also obtain a sales tax number and Employer Identification Number (EIN) at this website. All individuals and partnerships conducting business under an assumed name (DBA: “Doing Business As”) must register their name(s) before applying for a business license. This is Utah State Law. Please include a copy of your registration with your application and your sales tax certificate if you are conducting a retail business. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO WRITE “SOUTH OGDEN” AND NOT “OGDEN CITY” ON YOUR TAX APPLICATION.

  2. The South Ogden Police Department requires each commercial business to complete and submit their Public Safety Form no exceptions. This form must be submitted at the time of your business license application.

  3. The Alarm Permit application and fee are for many commercial and some home businesses. The fee is $50.00 and is a “one-time” fee. Please call the police secretary at 801-622-2800 if you are unsure if you need an alarm permit.

  4. Fill out and submit to the city the Weber County Assessor new business information form. We will send this to the county for you.

  5. Fill out completely and submit to the city the business license application AND other applicable forms. ALL forms must be receivd for the city to proceed with your application.

  6. Pay the appropriate fee(s) due to the city. By either bringing it in to city hall or calling 801-622-2715 for a phone payment.

  7. Your business license will be valid when all of the above steps have been completed, the signatures of the mayor and city recorder are on the actual license, and you have received your license personally.

We appreciate your desire to do business in South Ogden City. If we can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to ask questions. We are here to help you! (Telephone 801-622-2715).



Your license is valid for 12 months from the time you make application (unless it is a temporary, sidewalk vendor or solicitors license). A form and request for payment will be sent every year when it is time for you to renew. If you close or move your business before it is up for renewal, please call and let us know. Below is the fee schedule for business licenses.

 Classification Fee         Classification  Fee
Assisted Living/Rehab $ 4,700   Home Occupation $ 0
Automotive $ 190   Large Retail Grocery (over 16,00 sq.ft.) $ 3,929
Big Box Retail $ 4,300   Pawn Shop $550
Business, Professional, & Contractor $116   Personal Services $116
Car Wash $116   Personal Services (Space Rental)* $25
Cemetery $625   Private Club $295
Convenience Store/Gas Station $575   Private School $155
Day Care (Commercial) $130   Retail Sales/Rentals $130
Day Care (Home) $70   Smoke Shop $375
Financial $280   Solicitor $25
Fireworks $120   Storage Facility $116
Food/Restaurant $295   Temporary/Seasonal $25
Health Clinic $2,200      
*Includes, but not limited to cosmetologists, nail tech's, and massage therapists who are not the principle owner of a business, but rent space from the owner.

Daycare Providers - Any daycare provider with more than five children must be located in a commercial zone and cannot operate out of a home in a residential zoned area. “Daycare center" is inclusive of kindergartens, preschools, nursery schools and all other similar facilities specializing in the education and/or care of children prior to their entrance into the first grade.

*Note: Day care and elderly care providers must complete all state rules and regulations before a South Ogden City business license will be issued. Please contact the Utah State Department of Health, at 801-444-2950.  You must also call the fire department at 801-622-2753 to schedule an inspection.

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