City Directory

Title First Name Last Name Department Email Phone
Mayor Russell Porter Elected Official (801)-622-2701
Councilwoman Sallee Orr Elected Official (801)-479-7558
Councilman Brent Strate Elected Official (801)-660-9432
Councilman Mike Howard Elected Official (801)-502-2664
Councilwoman Susan Stewart Elected Official (801)-393-0431
City Manager Matthew J. Dixon City Administration (801)-622-2702
Chief of Police Darin Parke Police (801)-622-2800
Fire Chief Cameron West Fire (801)-622-2752
Director of Public Services Jon Andersen Public Works (801)-622-2903
Finance Director Steve Liebersbach City Administration (801)-622-2703
Assistant City Manager Doug Gailey City Administration (801)-622-2727
City Attorney Ken Bradshaw Court (801)-622-2719
City Planner Mark Vlasic (801)-622-2709
City Treasurer Jeannine Teel City Administration (801)-622-2706
City Recorder Leesa Kapetanov City Administration (801)-622-2709
Special Events Jamie Helay City Administration (801)-622-2707
Information Services Manager Brian Minster City Administration (801)-622-2729
Chief Building Inspector Jeff Barfuss City Administration (801)-622-2913
Deputy Director of Police  Operations Jeff Nelson Police (801)-622-2802
Deputy Director of  Investigations Dwight Ruth Police (801)-622-2826
Administrative Batallion Chief Clint Miner Fire (801)-622-2754
Public Works Assistant  Director Shane Douglas Public Works (801)-622-2908
Fleet Manager Garth Hadfield Fleet (801)-622-2906
Public Works Inspections Tim Zampedri Public Works (801)-622-2909
Public Works Office  Manager Carrie Prevedel Public Works (801)-622-2901
Recreation Supervisor Julianna Silvester Recreation (801)-622-2950
Court Supervisor Elaine Burleigh Court (801)-622-2716