Active Shooter / Mass Casualty Event Response

A mass casualty event has previously focused on situations involving an active shooter, intent on killing a large number of people.  Deranged perpetrators also use vehicles, explosives, and other methods.  No matter which implements offenders use, your options are:  Run, Hide, or Fight.

What you can do-
A short six minute video was created by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security on how to respond to an active shooter. 


Recommendations for people during a mass casualty event are:
Get out of the building or area and go to a place not visible to the offender.  Leave your belongings behind and keep your hands visible.
If you can’t evacuate, hide.  Block entry to your hiding place.  Lock doors and stay away from windows.  Silence cell phones.  Stay quiet until Police come for you.
Attempt to stop the assailant by whatever means possible.
Police Response
  • Police will go as quickly as possible to the threat and stop the offender.  First responding officers will not stop to assist the injured.
  • Officers may be in plain clothes or uniforms.  They will have identification.
  • Do what the officers say and keep your hands visible at all times. 
  • Tell the officers where the offender was last seen, the description of the offender, including weapon information.