Letter of Good Conduct

The Police Department will provide a letter of good conduct to citizens who live or haved lived in South Ogden City free of charge, provided there is no record at the South Ogden Police Department of a criminal conviction. These letters are generally used for individuals wishing to obtain a Visa for international travel.

South Ogden Police Department - Letter of Good Conduct Request


Requests must be made in person in order to verify the requestor’s identity with valid, government-issued, picture identification.  If the request cannot be made in person, a request form must notarized. 

South Ogden residency must be verifiable. 

Applicant Information (please complete):

Name:_______________________________________________ Date of Birth:______________________


Home phone #:_______________________________ Cell Phone#:_______________________________

Driver’s License or government issued ID number:_____________________________  State:___________

Reason/purpose for your request:___________________________________________________________


Signature:___________________________________________  Date:_____________________________



(notary required only if request is not made in person, with government-issued picture id)

State of ___________________ )
County of __________________)

On this day of _____, in the year 2_____ , before me_______________________________ ,

a notary public, personally appeared , ___________________________________________ ,

proved on the basis of satisfactory evidence to be the person(s) whose name(s) (is/are)

subscribed to this instrument, and acknowledged (he/she/they) executed the same. Witness my

hand and official seal.