Ordinance Enforcement

The purpose of ordinance enforcement is to improve neighborhoods throughout South Ogden City and increase livability by creating safe and healthy community conditions, educating citizens and business owners and enforcing municipal codes and ordinances. With this commitment our goal is to promote pride in ownership of community, and building collaborative relationships with residents, businesses, community groups and our local government agencies.

Our South Ogden City Ordinance Enforcement Officer will provide measurable consistency of enforcement and responsiveness to resident complaints, while providing a strategic and comprehensive proactive ordinance compliance program.

A word from our Ordinance Enforcement Officer:

I would like to personally thank all of our citizens and business owners who are continually in compliance with South Ogden City Ordinances, and continue to maintain, and beautify our city for our citizens, and their children.

I would like to caution and educate however, those resident or business owners who are not in compliance, and are continually being contacted regarding non-compliant issues. Non-compliance can result in a summons to court, receiving a citation and in some cases result in a full custody arrest.