Patrol Division


The South Ogden Police Departments Uniform Division consists of three units: Patrol Division, Traffic Division, and Community Policing Division.

The Patrol Division’s goal is to provide a pro-active, quick response to citizen complaints, calls in progress, alarms, civil matters, and traffic issues. The Patrol Division consists of eleven Patrol Officers, four Patrol Sergeants, a K-9 Patrol Dog, and one part time officer. The division officers have individual assignments outside of their regular duties, such as participation in S.W.A.T., K-9 handling, Bike Patrol, Gang Unit, Strike Force, and Field Training. The Patrol Officer’s priority will be to respond to calls for service, investigate, document, and act upon their findings regarding criminal and civil matters that occur within South Ogden City. The patrol division is also responsible for crime prevention through pro-active patrol tactics. This consists of officers watching closely for potential problems through high visibility patrol, traffic enforcement, truancy enforcement, and curfew violations. The patrol Division has a minimum of two Patrol Officers on duty twenty- four hours a day, 365 days of the year. As shifts overlap, we may have as many as five uniformed officers patrolling and protecting the city.

The Traffic Division is responsible for, and takes pride in enforcing traffic laws with the goal of keeping our driving, and pedestrian population safe. The division concentrates on issuing citations for misdemeanor traffic offenses, investigating drivers under the influence of alcohol and or drugs, investigating traffic accidents, specialized traffic enforcement in high traffic areas or problem areas. The division educates the public through traffic school enforcement, and the implementation of pro-active strategies in problem areas through high visibility enforcement, the division’s tools such as a speed trailer, which displays motorist’s speed on a lighted digital display. The traffic division is supplied with well equipped patrol cars, two motorcycles, and three-laser radar guns. The officers have experience and training regarding their traffic enforcement duties such as: Advanced Accident Investigation, Drug Recognition Evaluation training, Motorcycle Certifications, Field Sobriety Testing, Intoxilizer Operations, and a number of other specialized areas related to their assignments. Due to the volume of calls the police department receives, the Traffic Division also provides help to the Patrol Division daily.

Our Community Policing Division provides the public with an organized link to police services. We dedicate one officer, and one Patrol Sergeant to this task. The Community Policing Officers are dedicated to form a partnership with the community to create a safe and secure environment. The South Ogden Police Department reaches out to the community with several programs including: School Resource Officer, Child and Babysitting Safety, Bicycle Safety and Youth Victimization Intervention. The Community Policing Officers are always looking for participation from the citizens of our community. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact the South Ogden Police Department, at 622-2800.