Press Releases

12/13/2016 Press Release
Double Homicide, Friday, 12-9-16 8:00pm 3636 Ogden Avenue
Officers were dispatched on a shooting victim.
In the home two individuals had been shot and died.  One was a resident of the home, Cyle Vankomen (24 yrs) and the other was his neighbor, Kevin Nelson (61 yrs).
A third shooting victim, also a resident of the home, was located in the back yard (20 yrs).  He remains in the hospital.
Home security camera systems captured three suspects watching the home prior to the shootings, and one of them fleeing the area afterward.  The suspects are wearing masks.
This was not a random target of opportunity, but one specifically focused on this home.  People familiar with this home and the victims may also be familiar with the suspects.  For that reason, footage from those systems is being released today.
First, identify who the suspects are:  note their physical stature, mannerisms, clothing, and accessories.
Second, remind folks two people have been killed and another is fighting for his life.  Whatever activity was occurring, either at the home or involving at least one of the victims someplace else relevant to this event needs to be shared with investigators.   Our focus is on homicide.  If someone with information is reluctant to come forward because they participated in less serious offenses either at the home, or with the victims; know that we are focused on homicide.  Do not let concern about a prior potential offense keep you from coming forward.  We’re not concerned about it, and neither should they.
Third, we want to be able to tell Kevin and Cyle’s loved ones and this community why this happened, and see justice is done.
Below links include nearby residence surveillance camera video of suspects in this case:
Those with information should Contact the Weber Dispatch Center at 801-629-8221.
Public Notice: Evidence Disposal
SOUTH OGDEN CITY — The South Ogden City Police Department has items in its custody which are no longer needed to be held for investigative purposes or have been deemed abandoned property. Therefore, per the department’s evidence purge protocol, the following items are set to be donated, destroyed or otherwise eliminated effective October 11th, 2016: 
  • Ski clothing
  • Ski helmets
  • Small tool box
  • Misc. clothing items
  • Candles
Reasonable attempts have been made to contact the owners where applicable.  This is not an open call for the review of lost and found items by the general public. If you believe that you may have an item(s) in the custody of the South Ogden City Police Department, please contact the Evidence Unit at (801) 622-2800. 
Dated this 30th day of September, 2016
Stolen Vehicles, Vehicle Pursuit, November 16th, 2015
The South Ogden Police, Morgan County Sheriff’s Office, and other police agencies are seeking the public’s help in identifying this individual.
On Monday, November 16, 2015 this male suspect was invovled in a vehicle pursuit with Morgan County Sheriff’s Deputies.  The vehicle he was driving was stolen from Salt Lake City on November 12, 2015.  The male suspect eluded Deputies.  The same male suspect then stole a second vehicle from the Mt. Green area.  The suspect drove to South Ogden where he stole a 2000 Dodge 2500 pickup leaving behind the stolen vehicle from Mt. Green.   The suspect traveled to Sandy and South Jordan and fraudulently used a stolen credit card at several locations that he had taken from one of the vehicles he had stolen.  This suspect is involved in multiple vehicle thefts and frauds in South Ogden, Morgan County, Salt Lake County, South Jordan, and Weber County.  The suspect is shown here walking out of a Salt Lake Wal-Mart.  He is believed to live in the Salt Lake area.