School Resource Officer

The purpose of the South Ogden Police School Resource Officer (SRO) is to assist in maintaining a safe and secure campus for South Ogden Jr High. This is accomplished through education and enforcement, cooperative efforts by school staff, students, parents, the courts and social service organizations within the community.

The School Resource Officer program enables the officer to work directly within the school setting to facilitate and foster positive relationships between police officers, students, and school employees. This prevention-oriented program focuses increased attention on youth problems, concerns and unlawful activities, on a proactive basis as well as dealing with students who engage in anti-social and counterproductive behavior in criminal matters. The program's primary goal has been to promote a positive learning environment and safe educational setting for students which will ultimately create a healthy, solid environment for the community as a whole.

The primary goal of schools is to educate young people. The School Resource Officer’s ultimate goal is to deter students from involvement in criminal acts, alcohol and drug use, theft, violence, gang activity and other forms of socially unacceptable behavior. In the past, most contact between police officers and young people has been in negative situations. By having an officer available for consultation and teaching in a less formal and more approachable situation, this program will build trust, respect and open new channels of communication.

The School Resource Officer is responsible for:

  • Building positive relationships with students in an effort to promote greater respect for law enforcement activities
  • Acting as a resource in law enforcement-related issues.
  • Serving as a law enforcement resource for students, teachers, parents and the community.
  • Assisting in designing educational programs related to preventing unlawful activity in the community.
  • Protecting the school campus from violations of any law.
  • Assisting school officials with more effective responses to student and non-student criminal offenses.