Storm Drain

No chemicals should be poured into the storm drain system (gutters, storm boxes, etc.) because these empty into drainage fields and streams, which then go into the rivers and water supplies in this area. Some chemicals pollute the ground or water supplies, harming the environment or habitat. We ask that you do not put anything into the storm drain system because when someone disposes of a harmful item (i.e., gasoline, oil, antifreeze, turpentine, etc.) into the storm drain system they open themselves up to criminal prosecution as well as civil action obligating them for all costs in the cleanup of all the areas it may affect all the way downstream. When washing your vehicles or other items outside, you should use environmentally friendly, biodegradable soaps. When using pesticides or garden products also use environmentally friendly products. Also, use garden products (fertilizers, etc.) as directed so there is no over spray that would wash down the gutters or too much that will kill your lawn. Please notify South Ogden City Public Works Department at (801) 622-2900 as soon as possible if someone is seen dumping anything into gutters or storm drains.